Claycraft™'s classically designed fiberglass planters represent a culmination of over thirty years of manufacturing in the planter industry. Our design professionals, through the use of high tech materials, have developed some of the most beautiful, durable planters offered in today's market.

The unique finishes on Claycraft™ planters are not surface coatings but intregral to the fiberglass. They can't fade or peel,instead our planters improve with age. Our famous creation, metallic finishes, have real metals fused into the fiberglass resin finish, allowing our bronze finish to develop a rich verdigris patina as it ages and our cast iron finish to rust over time.
Stone Antique Bronze Pewter
Cast Iron Slate Bronze

Strength without weight sets Claycraft™ apart from fragile, heavy clay or concrete planters. Our fiberglass planters are approximately 1/10th the weight of concrete, and even the largest planters are easily handled and shipped. Because only the highest quality fiberglass resins are used, the same materials that are used to make automobiles and boats, our planters are made to survive a wide range of conditions. Indoors or outdoors, regardless of the weather, Claycraft™'s Classic Fiberglass Planters will stand the test of time in quality and design.